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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Customers outside of South Africa ? Can I register? If so, how?

Answer: Yes no issue. There are no restrictions to registering from outside of South Africa. Just register and remember to show update the country field. If you are already a B2B customer with APG, then you will automatically be connected to your export account with APG and processed as per normal, if not you will be asked to check out through the payment gateway and can use any of the payment methods to settle the account. Please note that our delivery policy is only applicable within the borders of South Africa.

Question: Is a customer able to make changes to Business account details whilst logged in? Or are we as APG the only ones that can edit customer details?

Answer: Any customer can change their personal login details, passwords or personal user details, but if they are a Business Registered Customer, they cannot change their actual account APG account details for the business account on line, as these details are stored in the ERP system of APG.  If they are incorrect please contact your account manager or send us an email at and we will change the details in the ERP system and Intelepart will update overnight.

Question: How do I export an invoice from the system to excel? Can it be done?

Answer: No they can’t , there are three processes that take place when a customer places an order. A customer will receive confirmation of that order via email. Secondly if you  go to the My Account section and go to B2B account orders you can call up any order and re-order or download the order into PDF. Finally if you go to My Account, B2B Account info tab you can also downland in PDF the physical invoice and POD once it processed.

Question: Can a customer export an excel order into Intelepart? If yes, then how?

Answer: We have this function built, but it is currenlty in BETA testing , we will enable very shortly, we are also testing a function where the customer can email an order into a PDF reader and it will learn the customers PO and then import it.