Consumer Protection Act warranties 

In terms of the Consumer protection Act N 0.68 of 2008(CPA), in the event that a product supplied is unsuitable for its intended purpose, of poor quality, not in good working order, defective, sub-standard or wears out before the reasonable service life of the product and the product is returned within six months after delivery of the product to the we will

In terms of the CPA, if we are directed to repair the product and, within 3 months after that repair that repair is ineffective or a further problem with the product is discovered, we will then replace the product or refund the price of the product.

We will have the right not to provide the remedies set out above to the extent that the CPA does not oblige us to do so in the circumstances of a particular case.

Warranty Claims

The buyer of the product must make use of our returns procedure outlined in our Shipping and Returns policy, for any warranty claim.